New Double Blind


Blind window of considerable size and practicality compared to the standard in circulation. Ideal for villas and buildings built in isolated areas and /or apartments on the middle floor. Made for total home security, without sacrificing ventilation and sunlight. This product guarantees a real DOUBLE BLINDING, being composed of an effective OPENABLE Inner Grate (with protection filling with 16 mm diameter solid rounds and with triple profile lock). Then again in combination and placed on the same frame as the first external frame, the robust blackout shutter with fixed lamellae (with double-band lock and triple-locking map). The combination of the two doors and windows has been studied in such a way as to maneuver the opening of the doors in a practical and simple way. Also it is reversible as it offers the possibility of being able to combine as the first external frame the two Persian models with ADJUSTABLE lamellae (SWING – NEW SWING), the SCURONE model and the BIG model.